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About Us

The Junior Sports Association, Inc., (JSA) is a national organization with a purpose of organizing and promoting youth basketball for the love of the game. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for teams to compete in event competitions that lead to a national championship event in their respective (grade/age) division.

The key benefits to participating in the JSA program are as follows:

1. The JSA Corporation is rapidly growing nationally.

2. Your events are no longer a stand-alone event; it is associated with a nationally recognized organization that shares event information nationally through its network.

3. The youth basketball program is a grade/age oriented program.

4. Season Long Qualifying – Any JSA sanctioned event will qualify teams for Nationals, no matter what time of the year it is held. This will ensure that no team will be left out because of any scheduling conflict.

5. The JSA Corporation’s team ranking system is updated weekly providing rankings on national levels based entirely on a team’s participation and success in JSA events. All rankings are supported by documentation.

6. The JSA Corporation is comprised of basketball junkies and purists, not bureaucrats, who have developed a nationwide network of event directors with similar goals and objectives.